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? Help me, i don't understand. A: Your link does not work. But you could do it by yourself: You could use tools like linksplitter in reverse: Example (function () { var target = document.createElement('a'); var text = document.createTextNode(''); target.appendChild(text); document.body.appendChild(target); linksplitter(target); })(); The target.href will be Source: Or you could use this crossbrowser snippet: Example (function () { var x, links = document.getElementsByTagName('a'); for (x=0; xQ: Is there a name for a task that a small task agent performs? I am writing a small task agent for my company that will inspect files that are written to a cloud storage account. We want to be able to cancel the agent if we detect that too many files were written to the account during a small window of time. So, when it detects that a file that it is processing has been changed,




736 Imnuri Crestine Pdf 17 hespfelt

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