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Inclusive, Sustainable, and Transformative
Global Development

Global Reach. Local Impact. 


Addressing complex global development requires passion and consistency. We are steadfast in our commitment to meet sustainable development goals and work collaboratively to provide for community members in greatest need and 'reach those furthest behind first.' 


We are advocates for the rule of law, civil society, and good governance. Safety and security are essential preconditions of well-functioning societies. We believe in holding the security sector accountable and building its capacity to provide citizens with the safety and security they need to flourish. Criminal justice reform is a critical initial step to achieve transformational systemic change. 


Our programming incorporates a gender lens to improve outcomes and increase equality for gender-identifying women, men, girls, and boys. We  advocate for women to be included in peacebuilding processes and bring attention to the disproportionate impact armed conflict has on women and girls.


We are committed to aligning individuals with the tools they need to achieve their goals from AI to human capacity building. Social innovation is key to addressing some of the world's most pressing challenges.

Creative. Supportive. Trauma-Informed. 

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