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Global Development

Committed to inclusive, sustainable, and transformative international development, Equanimity Foundation understands the nuances of each project and actively incorporates strategic approaches to provide relevant, timely, and actionable interventions that address unique challenges and ultimately forge lasting partnerships with local stakeholders. There are no easy solutions to hard problems. International development challenges require doing the hard work to get the right results.

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       Global Security 
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EQF takes an integral and balanced approach to citizen security, that engages local communities, law enforcement, and public institutions. Our experts engage local and national stakeholders to ensure robust and sustainable interventions. As part of its citizen security focus, EQF can reach at-risk youth with programs tailored to the specific levels of risk they face.

EQF has a strong security sector reform (SSR) practice. We are committed to improving the security of states under democratic principles of governance and to upholding the rule of law. Our experts assist governments, institutions, and international security actors to improve the governance of their security sector through inclusive and participatory reforms. To this end, EQF supports effective and responsive capacity building of both institutional and non-governmental security sector stakeholders.

Gender, Peace, & Security

EQF’s Women, Peace and Security (WPS) practice serves as a research resource and center for targeted programming. Our main activities involve context specific WPS programs, training, and policy-oriented research. We focus on thematic areas of gender research including sexual and gender-based violence, United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325, gender and peace mediation, and gender and migration.

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Social Innovation | Technology

We believe that social and systemic challenges can be overcome with creativity and innovation. EQF empowers communities with social entrepreneurship and co-creation principles to incubate and foster a plurality of ideas to develop sustainable solutions. EQF nourishes these ideas to strengthen civil society and institutional capacity. We believe in promoting public-private partnerships as another mechanism to achieve sustainable results.

We also adopt the appropriate technology and tools necessary to spur change. Technology is a means to an end. We focus on aligning people and institutions to the tools they need to achieve their goals.

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