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Karen Guevara, 2020 EQF Event

About Us

Equanimity Foundation (EQF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to inclusive, sustainable, and transformative global development. Equanimity means calm, composure, and resilience in the face of adversity. Our mission is to partner with underserved and vulnerable populations so they can thrive even in adverse conditions and ensure policy and aid efforts prioritize their needs. At heart, Equanimity’s experts are innovators and relentless human rights advocates who execute with insight, strategy, and a penchant for excellence.

In the face of adversity, Equanimity embodies composure and focus to help our partners overcome difficult situations. EQF delivers comprehensive solutions and forges networks to address global challenges. We employ a holistic approach to delivering inclusive international development interventions. Unlike many traditional organizations that often fail to account for the diversity of local contexts and have limited understanding of cultural nuances, EQF lends a fresh, bold, and tailored perspective to international assistance and capacity building.

EQF was founded on the belief that a fresh approach is needed to catalyze desired changes and achieve transformational systemic reforms. Our approach increases sustainable results for underrepresented and marginalized communities by highlighting the perspectives of vulnerable populations. EQF understands the highly integrated nature and intersectionality lens needed to develop tailored programming. Our interventions seek to create effective solutions, incorporate the arts, promote trauma-informed approaches, and maintain sustainable results that have a positive multiplier effect long after our assistance ends.

“Most communities reject the notion of having an outside entity come in and suggest solutions that are not contextually aligned with their everyday needs and realities. Everyone deserves to have a voice, feel heard, and be treated with dignity and respect. That is why we are committed to adopting an inclusive strategy that ensures the voices of vulnerable populations are heard and solutions designed can be sustained.”
Karen Isabel Guevara



Why the Lotus Flower as our symbol?



Every night the lotus flower is submerged in murky river water, but undeterred by its dirty and difficult surroundings, it re-blooms every morning without any residue on its petals.


The dirt and grime build its resilience and with grit it revives itself unscathed by its environment. The lotus flower refuses to accept defeat and blooms most beautifully from the thickest mud.

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