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Rigorous Data-driven Approach
Data drives us. Our data-driven approach enables us to deliver tailored programs that are contextually appropriate. We conduct rigorous monitoring and evaluations designed with qualitative and quantitative methods using key performance indicators. Our monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and learning (MEAL) experts focus on determining the true impact of programming by adopting performance monitoring and evaluation frameworks that are complexity-aware, conflict-sensitive, and gender-responsive.

International Reach
EQF can adapt quickly and operate decisively in challenging environments. Our experts have successfully implemented programs in fragile, conflict-afflicted, and post-conflict locations such as El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Mali, Senegal, Tunisia, and the Syrian-Turkish border. EQF can bring a range of stakeholders to the table and leverage its experts’ ability to design and implement programs worldwide.

At EQF, we believe in emboldening and empowering partners. Local ownership is essential for any intervention to succeed. Through a collaborative process, we build the capacity of governments, institutions, and civil society to bring forth necessary reform and ownership. Our experts work in unison with local partners to achieve positive social change. With a consistent and systematic approach that allows room for flexibility and creativity, we ensure our programs and implementation are context-specific. Our experts use a culturally sensitive lens to assess stakeholders' needs and develop comprehensive solutions that are inclusive, sustainable, and transformative.

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