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The Future of Global Mobility

The Future of Global Mobility:

How Technology Can Support Consensual and Rule-based International Travel

By: Karl Steinacker

Equanimity Foundation is happy to share the first article of EQF ID (Equanimity Foundation Inclusive Discourse) Issue 2. This article, written by Karl Steinacker, discusses how technology and law must be reevaluated to improve the future of global travel.

Mr. Steinacker is a partner of the Digital Equity Association and a Digital Advisor to the International Civil Society Centre. He teaches at Berlin's Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences and is also a freelance expert. He studied International Law at Cambridge University and has an extensive working history at the United Nations.

As global travel begins to open up after the Coronavirus Pandemic, it is crucial to analyze the paradigms of global mobility that govern our world as we enter a new period. Karl Steinacker's nuanced essay draws from a variety of international sources to argue that modern policies, especially those upheld by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) nations, are technologically outdated and unfit to carry forth the spirit of the Global Compact Agreement. The article then proposes solutions to better the current global system by leveraging the power of technology and the private sector.

See the article below and read the full piece.

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